AMD uncovered something rather unprecedented today and it’s a Radeon Pro Solid State Graphics card (SSG). The new GPU has two PCIe 3.0 M.2 openings for signifying 1TB of SSD stockpiling for the GPU to use as neighborhood reserve.

As a component of a demo at the organization’s AMD Capsaicin occasion, AMD’s Chief Architect showed the Radeon Pro SSG use a couple of 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSDs. They work in RAID-0 mode keeping in mind the end goal to give the greatest measure of data transfer capacity.

In the demo itself, the organization demonstrated that the engineering in the Radeon Pro SSG scours a 8K video at a rate of 4GB/s, contrasted with taking the necessary steps on the framework SSD, which found the middle value of 900MB/s.

Regularly AMD’s GPUs would achieve a most extreme memory of 32GB and this top propelled the organization to look for an answer for more realistic escalated assignments. In the event that you need one, the Radeon Pro SSG will at first be sold as an advancement unit for $9,999.