You might ponder what happened to Microsoft’s desire in the versatile space. The organization has been making a considerable measure of equipment of late, yet it’s centered around its Surface-marked line of gadgets running “full” Windows. Another Windows Mobile handset hasn’t been in the gossipy tidbits for a long while now.

That progressions today, on the grounds that another unsubstantiated report now asserts that Microsoft is trying recently such a gadget. The disclosure clearly originates from two unique sources inside the organization, so it might be precise. The awful news? The telephone is said to run an “alternate” branch of Windows Mobile.

This has a UI that is not quite the same as what we’re accustomed to finding in Windows 10 Mobile, yet it’s not an unavoidable reality yet in light of the fact that it’s still “early days” for the advancement of this new interface. Yes, you read that effectively. At the end of the day, Microsoft might hope to “rehash” the versatile experience, in yet another edgy endeavor to separate its OS from its adversaries.

Furthermore, yes, this could in truth mean another “cut” in support for more established Windows Mobile applications, which wouldn’t work with this new UI. Silverlight applications specifically appear to be damned.

Regardless of the possibility that the majority of this is genuine now, remember that arrangements change, and they might be modified altogether in the coming months, before that telephone that is right now in testing sees the light of day. Discussing which, it’s extremely indistinct when the new handset may end up noticeably accessible – it could be as much as in about a year, or “less on the off chance that it gets great surveys inside and gets optimized”.