Plan to kiss your tangled earphones farewell – a report purportedly from the iPhone 7 inventory network asserts that Apple is surely dropping the simple 3.5mm sound jack. Rather, wired earphones will unite with the Lightning port and, obviously, there’s the remote Bluetooth alternative as well. A Lightning-to-3.5mm will likewise exist.

Apple’s intentions are two-fold – the make the iPhone more slender and to push offers of remote earphones. We’re retreating to the dull periods of restrictive sound. Likewise, your costly Lightning earphones presumably won’t work with your PC and other non-Apple gadgets.

It appears that the Lightning port does not bolster simple sound (the old 30-pin connector did). No simple from the port itself implies that wired earphones will need to convey their own DAC and amp with them.

iPhone 7

This will make them confused, costly and presumably more battery hungry (also that involving the Lightning port keeps you from charging your telephone). Keep in mind the $50 Lightning-to-HDMI connector? The one with an inherent chipset with 256MB of RAM? Better believe it.

Not surprisingly, bring this unverified report with a grain of salt. Nay, keep your fingers crossed that it’s out and out troll